My name is Bartie Cash.  I have designed a Motivational Programme that has real and lasting results for anyone who attends the programme.  I would be very grateful if you could spend a few minutes looking at our Motivational Programme information and its outcomes.  I would be delighted to call in some day at a convenient time for you and your team to discuss the benefits of the 2 half-day motivational training and demo a sub-section of the training.

I also work with National and International companies training receiving excellent feedback in the ability to connect with people I am working with and getting the best results from them, with thousands of people trained personally over twenty years improving their lives.

Many thanks for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.


Nervous and a stuttering mess (Bartie’s words)

At a young age Bartie developed a severe stammer which destroyed his confidence with people.  Bartie was also struggling at various levels in National School where he repeated 5th class to help him catch up, not sure if it helped.  In secondary school he still struggled at many levels but did well in the practical subjects and at maths.

At the age of 15 Bartie went for two weeks work experience while on school holidays after completing his second year in Secondary School.  Bartie was offered a 4 year apprenticeship (which he took with a heartbeat).  At the age of 15 he set off for 44 weeks to college and training centre.  At the age of 18 he took over as Assistant Foreman/Supervisor looking after the manufacturing of products that were being exported and fitted across Europe.  At the age of 22 took over as Foreman/Production Manager of the company.  During that time he competed a number of times in the National Apprenticeship final of his trade.  All this time, he had to come up with ways of working around the issue of having a stammer and he developed the ability to manage people to get the best from them.  At 23 he got the opportunity to get involved in training people.  Bartie also developed a few medical problems in his 20’s which lots of people will encounter medical conditions throughout their life.  Bartie chose to use a positive attitude with his conditions and managed it rather than letting it control him.

Since 2006 Bartie has been working with many companies who are exporting around the globe to train and get the best from their staff.  Bartie believes his background has greatly helped him understand and connect with people to get the best from them.


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