Having attended and spoken to most of those others who attended I think Jeni and I would agree that your course was very encouraging, down to earth and presented in a way that gave practical steps to put the learning into practice. Your practical welding background seemed to help you make the connection with your audience and your examples/experience of real life backed up your teaching. It certainly got most people thinking. Well done keep following your passion!

Bartie’s Programme “Ignite your Fuse” has really changed my life, everything has really improved and I am in control of things.

My stress levels have really reduced and I am more in control of things, thanks Bartie.

Bartie has shown me how not to focus on my weakness but on my strengths, it has changed my life

After doing the one day motivation programme with Bartie, I started putting things in place and believing in myself and as Bartie said it would, things started to happen, Opportunities appeared, it’s just brilliant

I have completed the “Ignite your Fuse”  with Bartie, I feel so much healthier, more time, improved night sleep and improved family time

I wasn’t sure if it would work or not, Bartie had told me it was up to me if I wanted to change things, he would show me how, I tried it reluctantly, amazingly things started to happen.

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