What rattles around in my head and stops me from doing the things I wish I could????

This voice shouting in my Head

NO, NO, I can’t do it

Because I’ve have never done it before

I am not able

I am too shy

I don’t know how

What will people think of me if I fail?

They are better that me

I will never get that Job


  • Gratitude – The Key To Personal Effectiveness And Efficiency
  • Belief And Having Faith In Yourself
  • Positive Thinking And Goal Setting Programme
  • What My Employer Wants
  • What Employer Doesn’t Want
  • What My Job Can Do For Me
  • What I Want From A Job
  • Discipline (Of Myself)
  • Attitude & Decision-Making, Why They Are So Important
  • Complaining
  • Blaming
  • Rationalising/Excuses

(Getting Rid Of These Three Mentalities)

  • Desire – Not Enough To Succeed
  • What Stops Me From Doing The Things I Wish I Could
  • Take Full Responsibility For Your Actions
  • Mind Input – Mind Output


  • Improve my personal effectiveness and efficiency
  • Have the tools to self-develop myself to aid in my future
  • Know how to build on my strengths, benefitting me

Reduce my stress levels

  • Improve home life
  • Improve sleep time
  • Enjoy my work more
  • Build on my strengths
  • Turn problems in to challenges
  • Improve my confidence, positive attitude and faith in myself

How does our online Motivation Programme work!

  • Our 8 night live online motivation Programme, over 8 weeks one night a week for approx. one hour.
  • You will also have two 15-minute private one to one online mentoring session with Bartie during the duration of the programme, one between the first and second session, one between the 6-8 session.

Motivation Programme begins at the end of January, limited places, early booking secures best prices!


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